Dark Knight Movie Dialogue Analysis





Dark Knight Movie Dialogue Analysis


When conducting a film or movie dialogue analysis such as the Dark Knight’s, the most important thing is to evaluate the plot, the thought of the director of the movie, characters, and the general setting of the movie, in this case the Dark Knight. Fine considerations will be considered to the theme in the movie as well as the plot (Bale scene 2).

The way that the director of the move interprets the movie is to determine the conflict existing in the plot, the main concern being addressed, the setting, and the character does not follow international literal standards. However, the structure of analysis the director used is more elaborate based on the setting of the film. The film was acted based on a theme intended to unify the mindset of the audience thus, the decision the employ the structure of the plot. This defines the entire framework of the film. The director of the movie was able to divide the movie into three plots so that he could be able to articulate the attention of the audience as well as express fully information concerning the themes. I consider what the director used to design the plot of the movie as one of the best approaches used in contemporary world.

Not forgetting the methodology that the film used, the director of the movie included several theories to engulf the theme and the character plots. The film used mainstream conceptualization of information about the current crisis or problems in the world to ascertain the conclusion. The end effect of the film left the audience in suspense to knowing the step to take; either to buy the next episode or to attend the movie in a theater. The audience also anticipated much from the director hence the deployment of various literal features in the movie.

The movie used the characters to support general analysis as well the general depictions of the theme. The move argues that the vigilant justice, deems to be illegal and is also sometimes important to deal with criminal acts via extraordinary means. The unique concept that the movie shows if what many people like of the Dark Knight. Such extraordinary concepts deployed are terrorism and other violence activities that is evident in today’s society. For example, the Jokers in the movie act randomly in violence forms with less rational other than terror actions or other examples such as vigilant crimes. The Dark Knight depicts that actions like that are used to attain a political purpose; to disrupt and to create fear to the social setting.

The movie tries to compare itself with other movies such as the Spiderman whereby the character of the movie tries to live a normal life. The same case is that of Dark Knight whereby a character such as Wayne is able to shows the general public via his actions that living a normal life out of problems is a basic concept in the health and crime free living of the world. This is one of the character approaches that I like of the movie among the others. The theme of vigilant justice that the movie indicates informs that audience that any action that an individual takes into crime actions is not allowed in the social setting hence a fearful idea that ought to be addressed in contemporary movies like the Dark Knight (Bale scene 1).

Much can be said about what the characters of the movie try to inform the audience but the general information that comes out from the movie is the ideal information on crime. Robber and theft is addressed by character support but the ideal responsibility that the character should mean is not addressed in the film. The responsibility should come with other components such as how the film should offer solutions to the public on how to curb such crimes and vigilant threats like terrorism. Lack of these facts the movie failed to address is one of the things that the makes Dark knight a far-reaching movie that most people especially the aged do not see it. In conclusion, failure of the movie to offer solutions to the audience is also one the things that I dislike about the film. Since all contemporary films should offer remedies of the negative behaviors that they intend or they have shown hence the reason why various contemporary movies are in series; one episode shows the problem while the other shows the solutions.

The characters who are mandated to control general overview of theme in the movie are Joker and Bent. After the iconic scene that appeared in the warehouse whereby the firearms are seen as relief to the explosion. The literal aspect that the movie tries to depict in this case if to show how even the criminals are used as tools to signify the most important aspects about the world crime levels. The criminals scene used in the Dark Knight identifies the role that every person in the world should deploy to ensure safe and secure environment. What a like of the symbolic aspects of the movie is that it is able to address the negative and positive side of the criminals. This part of the movie as designed by the director of Dark Knight was to inform the general audience that even the worst people we consider in the world have a positive role they can play.

The movie generally used symbolic functions to express the other side of the world the most people do not expect and this is what I like of the movie among other issues. Nothing comes without a fall and the general understanding of the movie is the most significant part of the Dark knight. All the information that the director shows via the movie is very important, but the movie failed to address this. The concept of character analysis is one of the concept that the movie failed to address hence a dislike that the movie failed to bring close to the eyes of the audience. Failure to inform the audience about the information needed is a problem the movie failed to address hence digresses on my side.

The other aspect about the movie that is worth mentioning is the thoughts that Dark Knight Director opted to address. This comes with two simple questions one of them is “do the murders act crime and terrorism”. This is one of the loopholes that the film failed to fill. The thoughts brought about in the movie is what I dislike because the characters failed to address in-depth knowledge of current issues addressing the world. The thoughts they have tried to show are very simple and shallow hence cannot define other upcoming issue in the current world. The movie failed to address motives of actions to issues like philosophy in this case religion.

The determinant space that the film employed is urban, but the film is not a gangster film. The ethics and style of the movie is one of the characteristics that the movie. The movie used the urban setting to address the problems that face urban cities and towns today; however, the most disliking part of the movie is that it did not address rural setting. This is an issue that movies should address in the contemporary setting.


Dark Knight is a movie that brought on board all the stylistic and literal aspects expected of modern movies but failed to address other small details such as character analysis and theme definition. Generally in like the movie in terms of character, plot, thoughts and setting.

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