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How the United States higher learning education has been affected by Globalization

Globalization is an essential aspect in society, as it affects almost everyone’s life. In the global world, many changes are occurring on a daily basis, especially in the educational sector. The article chosen is (Wildavsky, 2011). In engineering and science, American universities are known for being top notch, due to the research facilities they have. They are praised for their innovation and the scholarships, which they offer. This means that competition has increased all over the world in terms of higher education learning. Competent students are being targeted from different parts of the world to join American universities. Wildavsky believes that there is a reason to become worried, because many well educated Americans are working in other countries. He believes that globalization is bringing about negative aspects and a solution ought to be found. Furthermore, enterprises of academics are becoming global, and this is mostly in the sector of the sciences. It should be known that consumption is an essential aspect which influences globalization among adults. Learning and education are related to globalization and this need to be known. According to research, it has been found out that 57% of American students, who are around three million, study outside the United States. Wildavsky encourages Americans to ensure that they find solutions to deal with problems associated with globalization on higher education. He believes that the United States has the needed resources to ensure Americans are well educated (Wildavsky, 2011).

This article is extremely interesting, and thus the reason why I choose it for the reading. It is reflective as well as informative to any reader. A lot of valuable information is provided concerning statistics related to the number of American students obtaining PHD’s from foreign universities. This is in the field of physics, engineering and computer science. This is going on to extreme levels to the point whereby, American universities are not the same as they were a few decades ago. As a result of reading this article, I am aware that globalization has adverse effects on American adult learning. Adults who want to obtain PHD’s are attending foreign universities’ such as Peking and Tsinghua (Wildavsky, 2011). This is taking place in great numbers as compared to American universities, which have low numbers of such type of students. Those who are taking the course PSE6660 will have valuable information regarding how to become thinkers with free minds. This is the reason why most times, I found myself reflecting on this article. People who have an interest in adult education will be informed about what is taking place in the United States, due to globalization in the education sector.

The choices made by consumers determine if one is able to learn in the United States or abroad. This is the reason why most times I visit many websites as well as watch television. This will provide sufficient information regarding the behaviors of consumers. According to Covey Franklin, who is known for management of time, believes that consumers influence their lives. This is the reason why it is difficult for me not to watch Food TV as it makes my life worth living.

Wildavsky’s article ensures that those in the adult education sector are aware of essential aspects. Through having a possibly sense, Americans will be aware of how higher education has been impacted by higher education (Wildavsky, 2011). This is because the United States education market share is being eroded by European, Middle Eastern, and Asian universities. If a solution is not found immediately, the consequences might be detrimental. It should be known that competition is beneficial as the results are rewarding. It will also provide a great opportunity for improved higher education as well as improved excellence in the academic sector. All members as well as classmates undertaking PSE6660 should read this article (Boudousquie & Maniam & Leavell, 2007). They will benefit greatly and acquire a deeper understanding of higher education, foreign competition, and globalization. Everyone is encouraged to reflect on this article and how it will help improve their lives, both students and students.

According to an article by Terenzini and Pascarella (2011), students face many challenges while they are in college. This is because in the 21st century, education is greatly affected by globalization. Students have to ensure that the find ways of dealing with issues concerning education. They have to find ways to pay for their tuition, as well as other expenses, which they incur. The authors try and find solutions for dealing with such issues caused by globalization.

Heather Higgins believes that those investing their time in higher education learning should engage in research, which will help them. In the year 2006, some scholars from Fulbright became involved in research. They were interested in finding out the extent of globalization in universities located in different locations. Also, in another article by the same author, she sorts to find out participation, which occurs in higher education in Ireland and the United Kingdom. The impact on globalization is high and those in this sector seek to find out how they can ensure that they are not affected as much. This means that most adults want to learn in universities located in their region (Higgins, 2007). Most students do not want to study abroad in countries such as America and Spain. They want to ensure that the education they receive is in their country. Boudousquie & Maniam & Leavell (2007) believes that the economy of the United States has also been affected by globalization. The higher education sector has not been spared either as the consequences are being witnessed. Nothing much can be done to reduce its impact, but students should ensure that they promote their academic institutions. Thus, the issue on globalization should be known.


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