Effect Of Japanese War Movies For Kids

Effect Of Japanese War Movies For Kids


Most Chinese movies are action movies where people struggle and kill one another. Actors in these movies are highly trained in fighting and killing people. Movies in most cases are a cast in relation to the living styles of the communities involved. For instance, in some countries, movies with a lot of superstitions and witchcraft are cast. This is an indication of the evil ways of the community that have acted the movie. This research paper tries to explain why most of the Japanese movies are war movies and their impact on the children.

Background of the Japanese community

The cultural, social and economic factors are major factors that influence the lifestyles of communities. These lifestyles are then brought out in movies as a tool in literature. History also has a role it plays in shaping the kind of life people live and also the genre of movies they will create.

Japan has had a lot of wars in the past. There are several documentations that prove that violence in Japan started centuries ago. An example is a war between Japan and China. This war was caused political differences and border issues. It was in the famous Sino Japanese war of 1894-1895 that aimed at insights control and superiority (Paine, 6). Both of the countries wanted to control some part which was economically endowed. Other examples are the China and Japan at war, 1937-1945. The war discussed in the book was all about policy making during the association of the two countries that involved politics during their collaboration, (Boyle, 6). (Zizek, 1) talks of the violence that is discussed in a six sideways reflections book. It is the violence between the government and the common people. All the books discuss brutality that is watched in movies. Such violence that occurred is passed on to generations through books and movies which are cast using these experiences in the form of history. These have become the source of war movies which involve the Chinese and the Japanese.

In Japan, Yakuza and Ninjas are common. These are trained martial art legends in the history of the Japanese. They have a high level of training in fighting and can take the life of others so easily. The initial aim of training and forming these groups was mainly for the protection of the community. In some other cases they are killing machines that are hired by organizations and individuals to commit murder. Such characters are brought about in the movie industry in China.

Movies are children’s favourites’. Chinese movies with Japanese actors are abundant in theatres and can be watched from big screens and bought from shops. These movies have effects on children who watch and those who don’t but affected by other people watching. The effects can be subdivided into two; positive and negative effects. The positive impacts are not many compared to the negative as less is added from watching them. The child gains a sense of self confidence that they can defend themselves by watching what the actors do. The movies also act as a source of entertainment since not the whole movie is violent. The movie also communicates a hidden message or a theme that can guide the children morally. The child can also grasp an idea or skill that they can apply in the day to day world. The war movies are also acted to teach about the punishment that one gets if associated with evil doing. This keeps the children away from the wrong. In some cases the child finds the war movies interesting and they take acting as a career. This is through mind development where they expand and learn that being a good person is right. This comes with admiration of becoming the hero or heroine.

Negative effects of watching war movies among children are discussed broadly by different authors. The impacts are more damaging than helping. They can be as a result of watching or effects when others are watching. Loneliness, isolation from friends, feeling frightened and depression are some of the effects that a child gets when others are watching. This is especially with children whose parents are having the characters of watching in loud volume. The child does not feel comfortable bringing their colleagues to such a home since they will feel embarrassed as some movies are explicit with sex materials. The child ends up being lonely with the feeling of isolation, (Olsson, 20). The other effects are when the child watches the war movies. Poor performance in school is one main cause of watching movies. The child uses most of their time watching and they do not dedicate any time to doing their home works and this leads to failure. Presence of pornographic materials in these war movies is another bad effect to the children. The children mature earlier than their ages and they practice these acts later which are not healthy. Martial arts in the war movies give children an opportunity to practice fighting of which they use them to cause violence instead for the right purpose of defense. Use of vulgar speeches and doing disrespectful things by movie idols adored by the children make them feel cool. They develop the language since they want to ape and be like whoever they think is the best in the war movie they watched, (Epand, 1).


Movie watching is can be equally violent to television watching. Parents are required to develop strategies that will save their children from movie watching effects.

There are some approvals listed below that may be useful to parents;

Regulating the time children spend watching. This would save the time for homework and other outdoor activities.

Parents should monitor the types of movie that a child is watching. If found watching violent scenes, parents should turn off the television.

The children should be counselled on the best episodes and television programs that they should be watching, (Olsson, 21).


Movies provide a source of entertainment not only adults but also to children. Things that children view on the screen as a source of entertainment should be regulated; otherwise parents will have a hard time trying to rehabilitate their kids from strange violent behaviours adopted from watching violent movies. War movies will continue to be acted and violent scenes will not miss out and children will continue to watch them. Therefore the main problem is left to the government and the parents. Movies with scary, violent scenes should have age limits to regulate who views a given movie. This is through the law’s enactment that will regulate the movies released to the general public.

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