Effectiveness And Validity Of The Preparatory Year Programme At Preparing Students For Studying In Taibah University

An Evaluation Of The Effectiveness And Validity Of The Preparatory Year Programme At Preparing Students For Studying In Taibah University In Saudi Arabia


TOC o “1-3” h z u Preparatory year programs(pyp) in Saudi Arabia universities: PAGEREF _Toc376416622 h 2comparison between preparatory year program between Saudi Arabia and other countries: PAGEREF _Toc376416623 h 3Course offered in taibah university as preparatory programs PAGEREF _Toc376416624 h 7Why English proves to be the most important undertaking in every curriculum? PAGEREF _Toc376416625 h 8Fully Passing the Preparatory Year Program: PAGEREF _Toc376416626 h 14Admission to the preparatory year: PAGEREF _Toc376416627 h 16Contents of preparatory year programs: PAGEREF _Toc376416628 h 17SIGNIFICANCEOF THE STUDY PAGEREF _Toc376416629 h 19Aim of the Research Project PAGEREF _Toc376416638 h 30Study Design PAGEREF _Toc376416639 h 35Measurable dissection PAGEREF _Toc376416640 h 37Results PAGEREF _Toc376416641 h 38Person Survey Results PAGEREF _Toc376416642 h 38Graphic Analysis of Student Survey Results PAGEREF _Toc376416643 h 39Association between Achievement and Subscales of Student Survey PAGEREF _Toc376416644 h 40What three things do you like most in the PYP program? PAGEREF _Toc376416645 h 41What three things do you loathe most in the PYP program? PAGEREF _Toc376416646 h 41Workforce Results PAGEREF _Toc376416647 h 42Dependability and Validity of the Faculty Survey PAGEREF _Toc376416648 h 42Unmistakable Analysis of Faculty Survey Results PAGEREF _Toc376416649 h 43Workforce Open-finished inquiries PAGEREF _Toc376416650 h 48Dialogue for scholar review PAGEREF _Toc376416651 h 50Examination of Faculty Survey PAGEREF _Toc376416652 h 53


Evaluation; refers to systematic assessment of the subject under discussion using a criteria governed by a certain standard.

Effectiveness; refers to the degree to which solutions are achievable, and the objectives are realized.

validity; refers to the quality of being believable or being effective


The study aims at An Evaluation of the Effectiveness and Validity of the Preparatory Year Programme at Preparing Students for Studying in Taibah University in Saudi Arabia. The study measures Predictive validity of the Admission criteria that is used to admit students in the preparatory year program in Taibah University, by measuring the relationship between the Admission criteria (3 criteria) and student grade point average at the end of the preparatory year.

The method used in Evaluation of the preparatory year program from the students and instructors is questionnaires, so as to evaluate the components of the program (curriculum-environment-academic advice and exams) method. the questionnaires were designed ,reviewed and applied experimentally and the results of the pilot study were analysed.In addition, evaluation of effectiveness of the preparatory year from the point of view of faculty members at colleges that receive students after the preparatory year was done using a questionnaire applied to faculty members in colleges to tell the difference between students who have studied the preparatory year program and students who have not studied the program in certain skills. The Questionnaire was designed and reviewed and applied experimentally and the results were analyzed.


what is Preparatory year programs:

The Preparatory year Program (PYP) is an one-year school prep program intended to geared to prepare Saudi secondary school graduates for induction to and success at focused universities worldwide.

On great fruition of the PYP, scholars will be sponsored for a professional education at an out-of-Kingdom school under the Company’s “College Degree Program for Non-Employees” (CDPNE). The CDPNE system is an exceptionally specific grant program for Saudi male and female secondary school graduates. The system is one of the Company’s essential wellsprings of degreed Saudi proficient and technical manpower.

Preparatory year programs(pyp) in Saudi Arabia universities:Preparatory year programs, is an essential and introduction program that serves as the scholastic door to for the admission to all the schools at Taibah University.The preparatory program is a relatively new response to dealing with the first-generation college student within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The preparatory year is designed to provide a rigorous schedule for students who come from high school and take a specific year of study to ready themselves for the undergraduate rigor of the college curriculum to come. It helps by preparing the students for academic studies and minimizing the knowledge gap among graduates of secondary education and the performance expected of a university student, by enabling them to acquire the required basic skills for university studies. Students spend a set number of hours a day focusing on mastering the basics: English, math, science, Computer Studies, Health Education, Self Development and university skills such as studying and test taking. This skills helps the student to improve in note-taking and studying abilities also helps student to focus on key information during classroom lectures, streamline study habits and improve aptitude for recalling facts during examinations. Whereas the student support services allow students the freedom to approach their classes on an as needed basis, students within the preparatory year program usually have little choice in their participation and their scheduling options. The rigor and discipline is provided at a more intense pace with the expectations of sure-footed advancement. Students may be exempted from part of this program according to the implementations of the promotion exam rules.The preparatory year program is committed to academic excellence achieved in a challenging yet cooperative and friendly environment

The duration of the Preparatory Year Program is one year, divided in to two regular semesters. The preparatory year represents the first and second academic levels of all undergraduate programs.

comparison between preparatory year program between Saudi Arabia and other countries:Ireland

School preparatory schools in Ireland aims at preparing freshly admitted students for their undergraduate courses at the universities through the medium of english.like USA and UK, the program is mostly offered by private independent schools, as opposed to Saudi Arabia where schools that offer preparatory programs are public schools.

PYP in Ireland aims to achieve the following objectives;

Improve students English language proefficiency,with some emphases on technical, scientific and business applications in preparation to undergraduate studies.

To test and improve and reinforce students mathematical as well as analytical techniques through English language.

Consolidation of student’s computer science and basic science knowledge through the medium of English.

To provide learners with experience in design, manufacturing and innovation through medium of technical studies.

(b)United States and Canada

School preparatory schools in the United States and Canada, regularly alluded to as prep schools, are private independent schools, as opposed to Saudi Arabia where schools that offer preparatory programs are public schools. Subsidized by educational cost expenses and humanitarian gifts and legislated by free sheets of trustees. Prep schools may be day schools or life experience schools, or both, and may be co-instructive or single-sex; in any case, in both the United States and Canada, day schools are more normal than sheets, and co-instructive schools are more regular than single-sex.

The schools for the most part address all parts of the “decently adjusted” individual. This distinctions the traditional perfect that is communicated in the Latin phrase, “Mens sana in corpora sano” (“A sound personality in a sound form”) by furnishing thorough scholastics and an in number accentuation on physicality, for example, The Ten Schools Admissions Organization, Independent School Leagues or Ivy Preparatory School League. Numerous prep schools oblige learners to take part in one or a greater amount of the school’s games groups, and some oblige scholars to partake in a game throughout each of the three physical seasons. Prep schools additionally furnish numerous different exercises; for example, expand plays, musicals, clubs, and authority chances that plan the scholars for school.

Fewer than 1% of people enlisted in school in the United States go to a free private preparatory school, a little part contrasted and the 9% who go to parochial schools and 88% who go to open schools.Some autonomous preparatory schools are associated with a specific religion or section, in spite of the fact that dissimilar to parochial schools, free preparatory schools are not represented by a religious association, and scholars are normally not needed to get direction in one specific religion. While free prep schools in the United States are not subject to government oversight or regulation, they are certify by one of the six local accreditation organizations for instructive foundations.


The International Baccalaureate’s Diploma Programme in Spain was made in 1968. It is a requesting pre university course of study that expedites examinations. Just like the preparatory program in Saudi Arabia,It is intended for profoundly motivated optional school people aged 16 to 19. It distinguishes the IB certificate as scholastically identical to “Titulo de bachillerato español”. The programme has earned a reputation for thorough evaluation, giving IB certificate holders access to the planet’s heading schools. The Diploma Programme is thorough and is planet prestige. Every understudy’s execution is measured against decently characterized levels of accomplishment and elevated expectations of scholastics. These are reliable starting with one examination session then onto the next and are connected similarly to all schools. The International Baccalaureate has indicated that learners are generally ready for school work. They are acknowledged by colleges in more than 110 nations.

One school is the Academy School in the Balearic Islands, which is a part of the National Association of British Schools in Spain. It is reviewed normally both by British Inspectors and Inspectors from the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science. Around different prestigious schools are the Hastings School in Madrid, the Caxton College in Valencia, and the Bellver International College in Mallorca. These are globally distinguished by the Ib Diploma Programme and scholastically stacked up appropriately.

The International Preparatory Schools are stacked up and recognised by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science (Mec) and all educate a base level of Spanish dialect, science, written works, geology, science and history. The educational program likewise shifts starting with one universal school then onto the next.

Notwithstanding disciplinary and interdisciplinary study, the Diploma Programme characteristics three center components that widen understudies’ instructive experience and move them to apply their learning and aptitudes. Understudies can study and take examinations, in English, spanish or French

In conclusion, it is clear that preparatoyry programs in USA mostly are offered by private idependent schools.but in Europe and asia ,are offered in public schools .

(d) United Kingdom

Comprehensive schools and sixth form colleges which are both funded by the state, prepare able students for university as do fee-paying public schools just like in Saudi arabia. Historically grammar schools would prepare some or most of their pupils for university entrance until funding for these was withdrawn. The only institutions specialising in university entrance are crammers for (usually) privately educated pupils who have failed to gain entrance to their university of choice directly from school.

Course offered in taibah university as preparatory programsthe following courses are offered during each of the two semesters:

Health Sciences Programs

Help equip and prepare and students for medical colleges e.g. Human Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Medical Science and Nursing.

This field has created its self an international reputation. The faculty therefore offers the students with intensive practical training within the two semesters. Health sciences programs strengthen the significance of physical and mental well – being. Patience, initiative, integrity, Empathy and technical aptitude are the most important attributes of the health caregiver. The faculty has proactively planned the health science projects to push a group approach to medicinal services and a natural mental sociological view on comprehension health and illness.

Understudies are asked to outperform in classroom concentrates on as well as to experience the different parts health awareness suppliers play in tending to health needs through an in number internship program. Students are additionally needed to work in groups to improve and finish research ventures significant to neighborhood health issues. When scholars graduate, they know the different commitments made by parts of a health awareness group, they know how to function as colleagues, and they know the significance of examination in propelling our comprehension of health and infection.

Grant winning working parts is likewise animated researchers, right now working with people on such points as the effect of safety preparing on bone structuring throughout development.


Effective writing is one of the most essential skills for success in school and any career you choose to pursue.

Why English proves to be the most important undertaking in every curriculum?If you are taking an English class in a group school or at a college you might ask why English matters, especially provided that you suppose English is unessential to your degree or vocation field. Out of every last one of class that a scholar will take throughout school, the most major class will be English. English will help them with all subjects in their educational module, construct better relational abilities, and assists with your ordinary job.

The fundamental structure to studying is English. The most significant motivation to take English is that it is applicable to practically all subjects. Wherever there is talking, written work, or discriminating thinking English is key. It communicates what an understudy knows and their specialty not think in the vicinity of a subject. There is nothing additionally humiliating then utilizing wrong linguistic use while talking within front of a classroom; it makes the learner look clumsy. Studying more statements as well as the importance will empower the understudy to feel more good utilizing the expressions rightly within talking and composing. A learner can pick up a considerable measure from an English class by taking it genuine in light of the fact that it stresses on perusing, written work and punctuation. This will permit them to improve as a communicator.

Figuring out how to convey what needs be succinctly and exactly is not a straightforward assignment; assuming that you need to compose a great research paper, report or message that procure regard, a learner must be an exceptional communicator. A great deal of people figure out how to compose well if not ace the aptitude while going to and being heartily included in the English class. Composing that incorporates spellbinding detail helps the spectator get a full comprehension of the point being examined. This will help the person impart or pass on the message while composing that ten page research papers that is expected in classes, for example, planet history and brain science. Being capable in English demonstrates that you are knowledgeable and you can convey well; information is the key and once you have it nobody can take it far from you.

English classes are like venturing stones to a lifetime of prizes; not just do the lessons help with different classes while going to class; they likewise assemble a scaffold to picking up a great profession. So as to increase a great vocation and not wind up with a deadlock work scholar must be learned and have exceptional relational abilities. The point when requisitioning occupations after graduation; you need to post a considerable measure of resumes keeping in mind the end goal to acquire that dream work. The essentials that where taught in English class will empower the scholar to construct an incredible continue that each boss might find overwhelming to read, then they will have that dream work.

All classes that are taking throughout school are critical however English is the most vital class of full scale of the educational program. English is for all intents and purpose important to everything we do in if it at home or school it helps us with all subject while going to school fabricates correspondences abilities and help with our employment.

It’s due to this reason that the English Language Preparatory Year Programs(PYP) aims to further advance the English proficiency of Saudi students moving into the university system, as well as existing academics looking to improve their level of English comprehension and spoken ability. This is accomplished through the strategic placement of certified international native English speaking teachers. Educators will join a multinational staff at a university where they will aid in the development of curriculum and student mentorship, and otherwise seek to improve the English language skills of Saudi students and scholars. Consequently this opportunity lends itself to university and college professors, allowing them to gain some valuable teaching in another country.


Helps students advance their algebra and pre-calculus competence and prepare them for challenges of college-level mathematics. In New Approaches to Mathematics, students practice mathematics as an experimental, discovery-based science, solving open-ended problems through experimentation and creativity. They later revisit their hypotheses and prove them using novel proof techniques. In the second half of the course, students sample various branches of pure and applied mathematics, with topics selected from fields including cryptography, probability, number theory, and geometry. This course develops students’ creativity, independent thinking, logical reasoning, and ability to rigorously support their ideas. Instead of using the standard lecture approach, this module uses in-class group exercises in which students support and complement each other through the entire problem solving process, from understanding the problem to presenting the group’s solution to the class.(Steen Sehnert, Debbie Yuster)

Business Studies

Helps prepare the students for the business world and be internationally recognized.

The objectives of the business studies educational program are to empower scholars to:

· Gain a comprehension of business ideas through the investigation of an assortment of

business subjects;

· Achieve business, financial, fiscal, and advanced ability;

· Develop the abilities, incorporating discriminating thinking aptitudes, and systems needed to direct research and request and convey discoveries correctly, morally, and viably;

· Apply the information, abilities, and demeanor procured through the investigation of business to a mixture of studying errands and identify them to business phenomena on the nearby, national, and worldwide levels;

· Develop long lasting studying aptitudes that will help them acclimate to innovative progressions, the evolving working environment, and the worldwide economy;

· Make associations that will help them exploit potential post optional instructive, work, and business oppotunityNatural Science Programs

Helps prepare students for studying in Science and Engineering Colleges, natural science programs are inovative, multidisciplinary program where you will have the unparalleled chance to tailor the center of your instruction. The Natural Sciences Program indulges scholars who have an extraordinary engage in science and cultivates a valuation for the central criticalness of a multidisciplinary approach to science.

The Natural Sciences Program varies from conventional science programs by giving you more terrific adaptability and alternatives in your instructive way. You are urged to meet with personnel normally to talk about and plan your University training.

As a Natural Science scholar, you will manufacture a special system built basically in light of your individual investment while moving your studies in two zones inside the Faculty of Science (Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Energy Science, Geoscience, Mathematics, and Physics). By amassing in two strength, you will profit by the qualities of two offices inside the Faculty of Science and will be presented to a more extensive extend of deductive viewpoints than would typically be conceivable.

The Natural Science Program offers a novel elective to accepted degree programs. Capstone courses consolidate mixed and analysis based instructing techniques to improve understudy interest and comprehension. By profiting by the inalienable multidisciplinary nature of science, the project pushes grant and a profound comprehension of experimental standards. People in the Natural Sciences advance administration abilities and have the capacity to help successfully in groups made out of people with altogether different foundations and regions of smoothness. The Natural Sciences Program is a top notch stage for passage to any proficient program, for example, law or prescription and vocation decisions open to holders of a Bachelor of Science in the Natural Sciences are gigantic – constrained just by the your creative ability, investment and capacity.

Study Skills and Research Techniques(Andrew Porwancher, SteenSehnert, Anne Summers)

Students practice the skills required to complete college assignments productively and to do research in a university library. Extensively considered are time management, note-taking, outlining, examination preparation, and effective class participation. Students are trained to use the full resources of a library, including traditional research tools as well as computerized catalogs, abstracts, indexes, and bibliographic databases.

Social Studies Programs

Helps prepare students for Social Studies and Humanities colleges.

Students’ performance will be evaluated at the end of the preparatory year to determine the status of those who have fulfilled the College preparatory year requirements. The performance of the student in all the courses he/she has taken shall be calculated along with the results of all the exams taken at the end of the program. Levels of the evaluation are classified below;

Fully Passing the Preparatory Year Program:Any student may register for the third academic level if he/she fulfills the following requirements:

Successfully passing English and Math courses.

Earned GPA of 1.75 or over.

Completed the preparatory year program in no more than 3 semesters.

Promotion of a student to the third academic level after completion of all preparatory year requirements takes place immediately at the beginning of the semester following his completion of these requirements. The student may then select any of the majors offered by the College.

Partial Passing of the Preparatory Year Program

If a preparatory year student passes only the requirements of either English or Mathematics, he/ she will be eligible to study some of the third academic level courses, provided that he simultaneously fulfills the remaining preparatory year requirements during a single semester; otherwise, he will be obliged to dedicate his time exclusively to the preparatory year.

Absentees PolicyA student will get a DN if he/she:

If the student Misses 20% or more of his/her classes without an acceptable pretext

. If the student Misses 30% or more of his/her classes with an acceptable pretext.

Dismissal from the Preparatory Year ProgramA student will be dismissed from the Preparatory Year program if he/she:

Earns the grade F or DN or WF twice consecutively in the same English or Mathematics courses in the preparatory year.

The GPA being obtained is less than 1.

Students usually are distributed to the schools and colleges according to their GPA at the program; of course this will be after their choices. Students who did not pass the preparatory year may be directed to some colleges that do not apply preparatory year system, such as community colleges otherwise losing the opportunity to continue their high education study. Upon successful completion of the CPP ,students will be sponsored for a college degree at an out-of-kingdom university under company’s “College Degree Program For Non Employees ”(CDPNE).The CDNPE program is a highly-selective scholarship program for Saudi male and female high school graduates .The program is one of the Company’s primary sources of degreed Saudi Professionals and technical manpower. The program is committed to academic excellence achieved in a challenging yet cooperative and friendly environment. CITATION Col l 1033 (College Preparatory Program Saudi Arabia)The program pays attention to key skills such as academic research, study habits, time management, culture and critical thinking. The program also offers extensive sports and co-curricular programs involving wide range of activities such as football, basketball, volleyball, public speaking, clubs and community services in which students are highly encouraged to fully participate in all aspects of the program.The learning/teaching activities and materials employed at the CPP are designed to prepare Saudi students for study at universities all over the world. The medium of instruction is English.

Students sit for a number of external examinations, which include;

AP (Advanced Placement) exams,

IBT TOEFL (Internet-Based Test of English as a Foreign Language),

IELTS (International English Language Testing System),

SAT-I (Scholastic Aptitude Test I) and SAT-II (Scholastic Aptitude Test II).

The program has a proud record of achievement in international exams.

The preparatory program faculty is made up of many different nationalities including the United States, Canada, The United Kingdom, Jordan, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Philippines. This exposes the students to wide variety of cultural backgrounds and teaching styles. The program prepares selected Saudi Arabia High graduates students for admission to add success at the competitive universities by providing high quality, dynamic and challenging program in which students learn in a cooperative environment under the guidance of a highly qualified and dedicated staff. CITATION Col l 1033 (College Preparatory Program Saudi Arabia)Admission to the preparatory year:There are various minimum requirements required for a student to be admitted as a new student which include:

High School Certificate

Covers for minimum accumulative average to be accepted

Perform Various Tests of Capabilities and also have a degree higher than the minimum accepted mark. The test is performed by National Centre for Assessment in Higher Education Ministry.

A Certificate of Good Behaviour

Four passport-size photographs

A copy of the student’s Civil ID card and a copy of his/her family card

Results of academic achievement and measurement tests

Filling out the form concerning the application for admittance.

Upon provision of the various requirements the student then proceeds filling in the registration form and submit it upon where if accepted will get and admission letter which will have all details such admission number. There are other conditions mostly which are applied to specific programs for a student is accepted in the programs. For example the applier needs to have a certain degree at science in high school to be accepted at scientific programs.

Contents of preparatory year programs:English language courses.

Represent about 60% of the content where the student studies English for 20 hours per week for full academic year.ESL instructors will provide additional support and guidance to students outside of classroom teaching hours. Since income tax is free and most contracts will include benefits in the form of health insurance, roundtrip airfare, and 1 month of paid vacation (as well as national holidays).


Management and art courses distributed at other programs.

Academic skills courses.

Recreational courses

Preparatory year programs are mostly applied in Saudi Arabia universities and colleges that offer bachelor degrees. This study investigates the perceptions of the skills-based Intensive English Program (IEP) among other programs offered. For example, Preparatory Year Program (PYP) students at Selman Bin Abdul-Aziz University aimed to further advance the English proficiency of

Saudi students moving into the university system as well as the existing academics aimed to improve their level of English comprehension and spoken ability. Specifically, the study explores the following aspects of the program: the effectiveness of the program in developing students’ English language skills; the effectiveness of English as a Foreign Language (EFL) courses; the effectiveness and appropriateness of the teaching materials provided by the average EFL curricula and the need to modify or change them. It also explores the perceived strengths and weaknesses of the program, and the most salient difficulties that students encountered. The study employs a quantitative survey method and qualitative methods, specifically interview and observation. The results of the study reveal that the students had an overall positive perception, which means that most of students perceive the program as effective and beneficial useful. In particular, various aspects of teacher performance were evaluated more positively by students than other aspects of the program, such as the effectiveness of the teaching material and academic advising. CITATION MAl13 l 1033 (Qahtani, 2013)Chapter 2

Proposed thesis title:

The proposed thesis topic is ” An Evaluation of the Effectiveness and Validity of the Preparatory Year Programme at Preparing Students for Studying in Taibah University in Saudi Arabia “.

SIGNIFICANCEOF THE STUDYThe program is aimed to help the newly admitted students to achieve the following goals:

To improve students’ proficiency in English before they undertake undergraduate study.

Improve your English language skills, which is critical to your success at university overseas.

Save costs by completing part of your Taibah studies in your country before you continue studying with Taibah overseas.

Be better prepared for your life overseas and university in Australia, the UK, Canada, USA and Singapore before you leave home.