Effects of Dumping Plastics in the Sea On Aquatic Life





Effects of Dumping Plastics in the Sea On Aquatic Life

Animals need to be treated similar to humans. Watching the video on how sea turtles get treated, one gets a very different picture how pollution is affecting the aquatic life. Pollution is majorly done by humans especially through disposing plastics everywhere. The video explores ethos pathos and logos to appeal to the audience how harmful it is to dump plastics in the sea. The video on sea turtles in the ocean is effective on using ethos, pathos and logos to convince the viewers that a lot has to be done on water pollution since it ends up affecting animals in the sea to an extent the sea turtle can’t breathe.

First, the key audience is the humans who use plastics and dump them in the ea. Plastics are not biodegradable thus the best way to get rid of them is to burn them in a safe environment and not disposing such wastes in the ocean and lakes. The key subject is on effects of pollution and the argument is that dumping wastes in the ocean affects the living organisms. The author is correct since many animals and plants in the sea die daily because of the effects that water pollutants have on them. The video explores how hard it was for the turtle to breath because of human negligence. This video shows you to be more open minded and helps you realize that sea turtles are extinct. Us human are the ones who caused this to happen. If we don’t change how we treat the environment, more mammals will soon become extinct as well. There are so many things that the video can tell besides the effects of pollutions.

It is a short video but it has ethos in it. First, it is ethical for the humans to help the turtle breath again. Despite there being those polluting the environments, there are the good humans who would not want to see animals die. The video was taken to convince us humans that a lot has to be done on pollution. Further, the author and editors of the video are ethical enough to write to the viewer what is happening showing how crucial pollution is.

Pathological appeal is also all over in the video. Perhaps, the author took the video to force everyone see the facial expressions on the turtle’s face. The turtle expresses pain just like a human being would, which is so sad. Who would want to watch his or her pet drown in such pain because of human negligence? Human beings want a safe breathing environment but cannot provide one to the sea animals. The straw nearly killed the turtle since it was defeated to breath.

Also, there is a logical appeal in the subtitles/ writings provided in the video. It is logic to get a sample of something before treatment. That is what the ‘life savers’ did to the turtle. They did sample out the thin (straw) to determine what it is before going ahead and removing the whole of it. Works Cited

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