In research we have to identify the independent and dependent variable of a thesis statement.





In research we have to identify the independent and dependent variable of a thesis statement. According to scholars it is important to note the statement of the problem, the objectives and goals and the research background. The basis for any good research is determined by the researches understanding of the statement, how, who when where and why.

“The extent in which standardized reading program has on improving reading test scores of students in grade 4 to 6 as compared to those in other grades that are not participating?”/“An analysis of how hiv/aids affects the relationship between employees and employee performances in an institution: a case study national bank of United States Of America”/“Factors affecting acquisition and retention of Vodafone subscriber”

Opportunities is a derivative of the SWOT analysis which identifies the opportunity for an investor to take charge of the situation. According to Abrahams analysis SWOT analysis categorizes the strengths to counter the threat for a better opportunity to reduce the weaknesses .In research a topic presents the opportunity for an investor to understand the internal and external environment. In our first topic we understand that it may look like an open research that touches on student study programs. This is not certain because the council has to invest an amount of money to ensure the program kicks off. Every investor understands that for an opportunity to be presented a weakness has to be identified to formulate a correlation for better existence.

Purpose of the research

A research is undertaken to identify the market and get a better view of the market to be entered. Michael porter clearly indicated that the threat’s that would be faced upon entrance of a new market would determine the business module. Entrepreneurs understand that a research acts as a guidelines to ensure that this will be made possible. Factors affecting customer retention in Vodafone for example: Customer acquisition and retention is very important as it leads to profitability of a firm. It also leads to higher market share, high efficiency and high productivity. Retaining customers has a cost though it is way cheaper than acquiring new customers. This is why retention strategies are not as easily imitated as acquisition strategies Oso and Onen (2005).

The question(s) that, if answered, will help seizing the opportunity

1. What is the relationship between absenteeism of employees and employee performance among employees with HIV/AIDS in United States bank?

2. How does non-financial arenas such as Human rights, Business ethics, environmental policies, corporate contributions, corporate governance and workplace issues help in the prevention and management of HIV/AIDS among employees?

3. What are the effects of HIV/AIDS on loss of competence by employees and why hotels?

The research question has to imply whether the research is based on bias views or views that will benefit the organizations. In the third statement understanding how HIV/AIDS research will affect the business will it be a barrier since fundamental rights of all individuals have to be considered. Upon undertaking a research question the only thing that will prevent the organization from ceasing the opportunity will be biasness which is illegal. A company will grow based on performance of individual thus making it practicable to enjoy full benefit, a research question identifies the flaws that need to be amended for the organization to run smoothly (Howell, 2003).


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