New Ability for Next Year

New Ability for Next Year






I select audacity or bravery as my quality or ability for that would act as my rallying call next near. From the evaluation of this year and some past years the insufficiencies actualization of my full potential has been limited by fear. I have always rethought when it came to doing things that involved my exposure to multitude. Numerous activities are achievable when undertaken in front of a supporting audience. I have come to realize that the fear forms the basis of underperformance and after overcoming it one is freely released to any achievement. Fear inhibited me from seeking help from well abled people, fear undermined my socialization, fear killed the ambitions in me, fear deactivated the morale I had and subjected me into being losing my personality. It killed the leadership qualities and lowered my instrumental skills and potential. I have placed critical resolution to counter the corresponding features created by the monster or the fear. Most of my plans remains shelve due to the fear of starting low while many people started low but have step wisely improved to commendable levels.

In my new year’s resolutions I have a plan to meet my church pastor and a psychiatrist to help me transform from my current state. While may be my upbringing could be the main cause for the low self-esteem or perhaps the friends I move could be the chief source the state. Leadership qualities are sharpened and nurtured through escalated socialization which is highly undermined by fear. I harbor great hopes in future and for them to be achieved I have to work harder and smarter. With overcoming fear other merits shall follow by.