Obamas State of the Unions address was full of rhetorical choices that enabled effective communication


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Obama’s State of the Union’s address was full of rhetorical choices that enabled effective communication. He largely used analogy to compare what Americans want and what America has achieved so far. The context, purpose and audience were reached so easily through the use of rhetorical choices that are full in the speech. Obama showed appreciation of the American workforce ranging from teachers, doctors and entrepreneurs. He acknowledges effort put by every professional in ensuring that he attracts their attention and let them feel appreciated (Forbes Staff Web). The president further reminds Americans that they are the people who are represented in the chamber and makes the state of the Union. This received strong applause because the audience felt the sense of belonging.

Obama points out at the outcome of the great effort put by Americans such as low unemployment rate in over five years, rebounding housing market and the reduction of deficit. This attracts attention of the audience who feel that they are part of the success and that their achievements are appreciated. Obama received cheers and round of applause from the audience because they were reminded of their achievements and told that they would take America to greater heights above the current position of America in terms of trade (Forbes Staff Web). Obama further urges everyone in the chamber to take charge and avoid resentful argument that may hinder implementation of basic functions in the American democracy. He explains that if their differences may promote the underperformance of the government then the chamber is not doing the best thing.

Obama asserted his commitment to making America work better and rebuilds the Americans trust. He challenges everyone in the chamber to take part in improving the welfare of Americans. The president told the chamber that their actions should provide opportunity for all Americans regardless of their social status. Obama acknowledges some of the challenges facing America such as increase in inequality and the fact that most Americans just work to get by and many are also unemployed. He points out at the need to reverse the negative trends and informs the chamber that they will never agree on everything.

The president makes practical proposals of moving the country forward by creating opportunities. He promises to work with everyone in the chamber to steer the growth of and development of the country. He describes a few examples such as education opportunities, work ethics and encourages businesses to invest and create jobs in America (Forbes Staff Web). The president asks the chamber to embrace the spirit of honesty at work, and encourages everyone to work together towards a better future. Obama repeatedly talked about the need to work together especially being that he was addressing the chamber that contain both the Democrats and the Republicans. This is to ensure that the politicians particularly the Republicans pay attention to the issue. He has also widely used moral reasoning to persuade his audience to do the right thing to do. He has also compared Europe, China and America to let his audience understand where they are in terms of growth, development and trade.

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