Occupational therapy enables people to achieve things throughout their life by therapeutically implementing daily tasks (occu





Occupational therapy enables people to achieve things throughout their life by therapeutically implementing daily tasks (occupations). Occupational therapists provide complete support for people of all ages via health promotion, injury prevention, sickness or disability prevention, and improving their lives under these situations (Tayloy 76-80). In addition, workers must carry out research to be efficient in their different roles, such as helping children with disabilities participate fully in schooling and social conditions, helping them recover from injury to recover their skills, and providing support for the elderly undergoing physical and cognitive changes.

Occupational health research is being conducted in various domains, including mental health and other types of impairment. For example, mental health research could be undertaken to uncover the causes of an individual’s condition, the indicators and symptoms, and the most efficient therapies for that individual (Case-Smith 21-56). Then, after consulting with an occupational therapist, the individual may seek guidance and counseling services to help him, or her recover from the mental health crisis.

Some other forms of research, such as completing a tailored evaluation in which the client and the occupational therapist establish the person’s goals, can be carried out ethically using real-life clients as participants (Schell 89-98). Once it has been determined what the individual is interested in or what field of study the individual intends to pursue, this may be accomplished. However, developing a specific intervention that will enhance the person’s capacity to complete daily tasks while also achieving the goals will take time and effort, as will conducting an outcomes evaluation to ensure that the objectives are reached, and adjustments to the intervention plan are required.

If I were to do a research project today, I would predominantly focus on using technology in occupational therapy and how it compares to how things were done in the past. Aside from that, I would investigate approaches that can aid in the advancement of occupational therapy and areas where the government and organizations may work together to ensure the field’s future development.

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