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Passion for Business People get encouraged and motivated to do best on things that they are passionate about doing. The internal energy and drive to do something are triggered in most cases by the thought of pursuing what we are interested in, and this keeps us moving towards shaping our passion. Every person has their own story of passion including me and ever since I was young, I had learned that being an independent lady is the biggest favor I could offer to myself. ‘Everybody for himself and God for us all’ is the motivational drive that made my passion for business develop, as in the world today everyone is busy mending their lives, but not everyone indulges to things of their passion.

Ever since I was a young girl, I had the mind of doing business since I could see my mother running some line of business to which she earned a good amount of money in a day. It is through her efforts to do business that our family have been able to withstand financial constraints and every need have been met through the businesses run by my mother. Although my family did not initiate the businesses out of passion, I being brought up from the family that is successful in business and have seen the benefits of being in the business world developed, my passion for running a business. Am optimistic that I will do better than my parents as I am motivated to be an independent lady, and I have learned the skills that are necessary to run a business. My parents have helped me to manage my time, and this has enabled me to be at the right place at the right time. Am confident about doing business as it helps improve decision making and as well advances the leadership skills that will enable me to start a business of myself in future and fulfill my dream of being an independent lady.