Peer Evaluation

Peer Evaluation

By: Student’s Name

Details of Paper Evaluated

“Marriott International Looks to Reduce Environmental Footprint.”

Author: Student’s Name

General Overview

The paper is very well organized. It provides a visual of the problem the author intends to research and objectives to support it. I would suggest a more detailed analysis using charts and tables to expand the discussion.

Formatting and Style

The paper is very well formatted using a consistent style all through. It is easy to follow up on the style from beginning to end.

Introduction section

The section begins by providing a hook statement that introduces the reader to the topic. It then provides several questions that set the tone for what is to be expected. The introduction is very well written including a purpose statement that points to the general direction of the paper.

Body/Support Section

The section has very good support information including previous studies and data to support the argument. However, the sections are too long and would need to be subdivided into sections.

Support Section

Use of data and relevant support is very impressive. As expressed before, the sections could further be subdivided.

References – Depth, range, and selection

The references used are diverse and from a range of sources including government websites, non-governmental organizations, and journal articles. They have helped to provide range and depth to the discussion.