Research and select resources to inform the instructor on how to create a partnership with diverse families.

Research and select resources to inform the instructor on how to create a partnership with diverse families.









Communication is essential for the growth and development of a community. If there is no communication between individuals, a barrier is created amongst different people. This barrier is not healthy for the communication of individuals who are in contact with each other on a daily basis. It is thus important to come up with resources that are essential for the proper communication regarding different situations at hand (Miroshnik, 2001).

This research paper focuses on recourses that create partnership between diverse families. It further looks at the ways in which an instructor could use each resource to communicate effectively with each family.

An English language learner family

A family that is in the process of learning a language has a harder time communicating to other members of the community. America has several immigrants who have no alternative but to learn the English language so as to get by. A family that is learning English is in need of the introduction of many several recourses so as to make their understanding of the language more effective. One resource that can be used to create partnership between diverse families can be the introduction of an exchange student who is majoring in English. This can be a good alternative as opposed to hiring an English teacher.

When a new person is introduced as one of the members of the family, the host family is more receptive to the idea of learning about the culture. This would remove the barriers that are experienced when integrating into a new community. It would also improve the perception of the family concerning the society they reside. This resource can be used to inform various families about the importance of learning a new language along with the culture (Storey, 2007).

It is also important for creating integration between differ nationalities that have for a long time been in the dark about different cultures (Greenwood, 2001).

Three families of different religions

Religion is a sensitive issue in the United States of America .It is through religion that each individual forms an opinion about different members of the society. It is thus crucial to educate people of the importance of embracing different cultures. One of the resources that can be introduced is an activity that is appreciated by all the families in question. The activities can be in form of sports events that enables all the families to sign up so that they can form a community team. This team will thus have its own identity which will bring about unity within the different families.

Having a new identity that involves different religious families remove the individualistic nature that we are raised with. Such resources are important in the long run in that they create traditions that the members of the different families can continue to celebrate in the future. Families learn that they have more in common than expected. These resources can be used to aid the communication between the communities through attending the practice of the children. Parents can get to learn about the religions of their peers which would in turn remove the barriers that different communities have been living with. When three families are involved in such activities, they create provisions for the more families to join due to the level of trust that will have been introduced. Removal of religious barriers should increase our knowledge therefore increasing the trust in the community (Greenwood, 2001).

Family making less than $7,610 a year) A family with a stay-at-home dad

The topic of finance is a very sensitive issue in a household. With the country is trying to recover from the recession, most of the families in the country are trying their best to make ends meet. A family that earns less than 7,610 has a more difficult time trying to adapt to the responsibilities that may be unpredictable. This situation is more sensitive when the father dies not bear the responsibility of being the sole provider. The resources that should be introduced should be financial agencies that guide families with low income to go about their finances. They can also be of importance in terms of creating various job opportunities that would help boost the income of the family. Although it may be the choice of the family for the father to be a stay at home dad, the family could need the extra income. He should thus put effort to look for jobs that are flexible for his schedule so that they do not have to hire a nanny. This would need the contacting an employment agency that helps individuals get jobs that are suited to their needs. Financial advises can look into the major barriers that the family is going through in regard to their communication amongst the members of the community. This can be solved by creating budgets that are suitable for the basic amenities of the family so that they can use the extra income for acquiring future security for the family (Miroshnik, 2001). A family with a same-sex union

Same sex unions are becoming more acceptable in the eyes of the society. Most of the same sex couples have a harder time getting by due to the amount of discrimination they face on a daily basis. The recourses that can be introduced to a couple in an environment that is diverse should be educational centers. If educational centers that are used to inform a community about a particular group are introduced to a community. The members of the community would be well served in that they would learn about the minority communities such as the same sex couples. These couples could view this as a safe place that they can interact with other families so as to educate them on their lifestyle. Educational centers are important in that they remove the stereotypes that we bear as a community. The creation of the centers can allow for each group to have a date in which they share about the problems and the achievements they have achieved as a result of belonging to a minority family such as the same sex families.

A family with a single parent

Single parent families consist of families that have experienced a death or divorce in the family. Such families have for a long time being stigmatized by society due to the fact that they are not viewed as a complete family. This has led to the alienation of such families due to the treatment they receive. Resources that can be introduced to create communication are the creation of the family days that are reserved for the interaction between families.

Such days can be in form of trade fairs or carnivals that showcase the talents of each member of the community. When families interact, they discover that they share many features. This removes the distance that may have been created due to ignorance. These resources can be used to share different family traditions that are derived from the cultural background that each family belongs (Storey, 2007).


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