Researched ArgumentArguing a Position

Researched Argument/Arguing a Position

This assignment is explained and discussed in detail in Ch. 6; the actual assignment appears on p. 274. The features of the assignment include:

1. A Focused, Well-Presented Issue,

2. A Well-Supported Position,

3. An Effective Response to Opposing Views, and

4. A Clear, Logical Organization.

The following details apply to the assignment as well.

Writing task Objectives:

This assignment is designed to measure your ability to:

Write a focused, thesis-driven argument;

Evaluate information from primary and secondary sources based on authority, validity and usefulness;

Integrate sources effectively into your writing and document them correctly;

Interpret and respond appropriately to a writing situation, adopting the correct voice, tone and level of formality; and

Demonstrate knowledge of structure and organization, paragraphing, and mechanics.

Assignment Requirements: You should argue your position about the issue you have been researching and writing about all semester. Your argument should include:

A researched argument with a debatable thesis and evidence to support each claim and sub-claim;

A discussion that anticipates and addresses alternative points of view and/or counter arguments;

Six to eight sources with topic-appropriate mix of sources, including 3-5 scholarly and major news sources;

1200 words, plus Works Cited (MLA documentation).