Which are the easiest Straigherline courses?

The difficulty level of StraighterLine courses can vary depending on the specific course, the student’s background and experience, as well as the student’s learning style. However, generally some of the easiest StraighterLine courses are those that are considered as foundational or introductory courses, or those that are considered less challenging due to the subject matter. Examples of such courses are:

  • English Composition I: This course covers the basics of writing and grammar, and is typically considered to be an easy course for students who have a good grasp of the English language.
  • College Algebra: This course covers basic algebraic concepts and is considered to be less challenging than more advanced math courses such as Calculus.
  • Introduction to Psychology: This course provides an overview of the field of psychology and covers basic concepts such as the brain and behavior, memory, and perception.
  • Introduction to Business: This course provides an overview of the business world and covers basic concepts such as marketing, management, and finance.

It’s important to note that these courses are college-level and are still challenging, but are considered less challenging than other StraighterLine courses, and may be a good starting point for students who are new to college-level coursework.